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How to find CNC machine tool processing factory

In the field of mechanical processing, many demand companies have to seek out the enterprises with current equipment and technology in the market because of their own equipment and technology limitations, and pay a certain amount of compensation. But in the process of finding the advanced, technically excellent company, the company needs to polish its eyes. Find the suitable CNC machine tool manufacturers.

Many enterprises engaged in mechanical processing have responded, how to find the CNC machine tool processing factory is so difficult. Although is an overcrowded market, because now engaged in machinery processing enterprises have a lot of, good and evil people mixed up and outsourcing processing market, which confused many of the enterprise numerical control machine is good?

1. The situation of China's foreign association processing:

There are many enterprises engaged in outsourcing processing in China's industrial machinery sector. They have large companies and small workshops. Although the mechanical equipment of large companies is more advanced, sometimes the processed products are not as high as small ones.

And there are many outsourcing firms that have rushed into the market just because they are optimistic about the industry. They have no support for equipment and technology. After relying on some way to take a list, due to various factors, it is difficult to complete according to the requirements of the buyer. This wastes a lot of time and cost to the buyer.

The above mentioned phenomenon, more explains the importance of finding a good, suitable foreign cooperators.

2. CNC machine tool which is good

This is a question of the wise and the wise, and everyone's good standards are different. Some demand side enterprises value the service of foreign cooperators, some value the quality of products, while others care more about the efficiency of processing and so on. So while this question is of great concern to many people, it is not easy to answer this question. However, the hook net can tell you a few methods, to help you choose the right, good, good CNC machine tool manufacturers.

3.How to find the CNC machine tool processing factory

For enterprises engaged in mechanical processing, the methods of finding CNC machine tool manufacturers are more or less known, such as:

1. According to acquaintances, each person has his or her own network in a circle, so acquaintance introductions are also the most common way to find a CNC machine tool manufacturer.

2, participate in the exhibition: if your circle of contacts did not build, so focus on machinery industry exhibition information, attend on time, is also very easy to find the numerical control machine manufacturer.

3. B2B website of mechanical processing industry: this is a new platform for finding and processing manufacturers, and it is also the most convenient.

Of the three, you know the first two. So let's focus on the third one:

With the development of industrial manufacturing 4.0, Internet plus and industrial Internet, people are increasingly looking to the role of Internet in industry. So what is the result of the addition of industrial and Internet industries? Let's take a look at hook net for example.

First, industrial use of the Internet can create a highly efficient external platform. To hook the net after the beginning of certification ensures the authenticity of the supplier and the enterprise, and will show them in a transparent platform, let both of us have more promotion channels and greater choice. Moreover, every supplier has a display of company information, which can be selected according to its company information, processing technology and quotation, and can select better enterprises.

Secondly, it is also the issue that the two sides are most concerned about, which is the issue of trade protection. Many suppliers often encounter difficulties in collecting loans. In view of this problem, the online trading guarantee mode of third-party platform is proposed creatively, which can be more secure.

Finally, the B2B website of the mechanical industry is also an intelligent production management system, such as having a system of its own for the hook net, which can help us solve the problem of the quotation.

In fact, the method of choosing the numerical control machine tool processing factory is very many, for the enterprise, whether it is in this paper, which choice way, find a suitable for their own as long as it is, is the best way.