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Standard led the development of CNC machine tool industry - (zhejiang manufacturing standard "vertical machining center" will be successfully held)

On November 20, 2017, zhejiang manufacturing standard "vertical machining center" led by zhejiang metrology science research institute will be held in the meeting room of hangzhou youjia precision machinery co., LTD. , director of the national center for machine tool detection in zhejiang province, the national standardization committee secretary general metal cutting machine tool, CNC machine tool testing organization representative and the province CNC machine excellent enterprise representatives gathered together to communicate and discuss made "smart" application in machine tool manufacturing process and the standard of "made in zhejiang province", the brand construction the significance of the development of CNC machine tool industry in zhejiang province.

Mr. Chen xiangrong, chairman of friends jiashan group vice President of hangzhou youjia, briefed the leaders and guests on the group's development history and development philosophy. Friend jia from scratch, from an unknown small factory developed into the world's third largest CNC machine tool production enterprises, has 50 production base, 37 brands, covering 10 categories of products of the hardships of enterprise group. To interpret the enterprise culture and the enterprise philosophy of "responsible and sustainable management" of the company "kqin, frugality, respect, tolerance, gratitude and pursuit of excellence".

Delegates into hangzhou good friend processing, assembling workshop, learning through site visit, hangzhou good friend precision machinery co., LTD., developed with customized information construction content, according to customer demand as the main line, cover of machine tool design, fabrication, inspection, delivery, after-sales service the whole process, fully embodies the "smart" made in the application of each link. The director of the national machine tool testing center, duanyang, said affectionately, "I have visited a lot of machine tools that promote 'intelligent manufacturing', which has not been done as fine as you."

Director of zhejiang institute of standardization jian-ping jiang introduced "made in zhejiang province" the importance of brand building and the standard of "made in zhejiang" seiko design in the product whole life cycle process, carefully select material and other advanced ideas. At the same time, he also hopes that the zhejiang manufacturing standard of "vertical machining center" will lead to the promotion of the upstream and downstream of the CNC machine tool industry and promote the rapid development of the machine tool industry in zhejiang province.

A kick-off meeting for the vertical machining center of zhejiang manufacturing standard in zhejiang province Ye Huai high storage measurement science research institute under the auspices of, orderly, delegates in their respective fields of opinions and views, surrounding standards plan analyses focus on the needs of customers, determine the standards need to be emphasized, basic requirements in the product, safety protection, performance index and quality commitment content to agree.

Cao Hui measurement science research institute, zhejiang province, deputy director of the hangzhou good friend precision machinery co., LTD. In recent years the development of the appreciation, to give priority to draft the vertical machining center of zhejiang manufacturing standard greetings. At the same time, she hopes that everyone can gather strength together to make the standard well, for the "zhejiang manufacturing" brand to build a brick, for the zhejiang machine tool industry to advance "international advanced" and hard work.

Xiang-rong Chen chairman also said, should make good use of "made in zhejiang" brand construction, USES the advanced management concept, based on the customer experience and requirements, implement standard gear quality promotion, brand, increase efficiency, to promote the coordinated development of CNC machine tool industry in zhejiang province.