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2018 prospects for intelligent manufacturing: the output of CNC machine tool is expected to continue to increase slightly

1. CNC machine tool: the industry faces new opportunities and production is expected to continue to grow

As China's manufacturing 2025 advance step by step, put forward new strategic requirements of home-made numerical control machine tools and transformation challenges: high speed, high accuracy, compound, intelligent, open, parallel drive, networked, extreme, green will be the development direction of nc machine tools.

In the short term, the intelligent transformation of traditional manufacturing industry, the integration of the Internet + manufacturing industry will become the new demand growth point for nc machine tools.

It is estimated that the output of CNC machine tools will continue to increase in 2018. The output of CNC metal cutting machine tools will be about 25.6 million units, up by about 2.2 percent year on year.

2017-2019 output of CNC metal cutting machine and forecast of annual growth rate:


Source: general administration of customs

 2. Industrial robot: production capacity keeps expanding and production is expected to continue to grow rapidly

At present, the number of companies involved in production of robot more than more than 800, and a large number of traditional continue to manufacturing enterprises to the production of industrial robots, our country has been built or under construction of industrial robot park more than 40, there are a lot of preparation of industrial park, is expected in the next few years built putting-in-service proactively, will release industrial robots capacity further. Therefore, the production of industrial robots in China is expected to reach 1520,000 units in 2018, up about 35% year on year. 2017-- in 2020, China's industrial robot output will grow at an average annual rate of about 35 percent. By 2020, industrial robot production will be close to 239,000 units.

2017--2020 China's industrial robot output and annual growth rate forecast:


Source: national bureau of statistics, the robot industry will develop rapidly